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Terms & Conditions
1. A damage deposit of €50 is required for bike rental and tours. This is immediately
refundable upon return of the bike.
2. Any damages, loss or theft for all rental bikes in this contract will be charged to the
lessee`s account.
3. Riding the bikes or taking part in an excursion is at your own risk. The company doesn’t
accept any liability.
4. The rented vehicle, accessories and additional equipment are in impeccable technical
condition when given to the lessee and must be returned to the lessor at the expiry of
this contract in the same perfect condition.
5. If the lessee hand back the bicycle earlier than he has to, the lessor will keep the hire
charges for the remaining days.
6. Usage of the vehicle on the beach and outside the designated paths, any damages
arising from a breach of this rule are to be compensated by the lessee himself.
7. Fines arising from traffic or parking violations are also to be paid by the lessee
himself/herself. In connection with this the lessee is reminded that the wearing of a
helmet is compulsory!
8. Riding through seawater is also forbidden. Upon acting against this rule the deposit shall
be kept back.
9. The driving of the vehicle by any person other than the lessee or his designee, said
designee having being properly authorized by the lessor at the request of the lessee and
the lessee being fully responsible for him/her.
10. It is strictly forbidden to drive the vehicle in a dangerous manner or under the influence
of any substance or illness which could impair the psychological and physical state or
reflexes of the driver.
11. It is strictly forbidden to remove the vehicle from the island in which this contract is made
without the explicit and written permission of the lessor.
12. Any damages or injuries which shall occur by or to the rented vehicle, and also which
cannot be clearly attributed to the responsibility of a particular party shall be charged to
the lessee’s account.
13. In case any conflict should arise regarding the interpretation or noncompliance of the
stipulations of this contract the contracting parties submit themselves expressly to the
courts and tribunals in the jurisdiction of the municipality in which this contract is made
with implied waiver of their own jurisdiction.
14. Damage deposits for bikes (€50 per bike) are payable on or before date of arrival.
15. A minimum of 50% of your package booking must be paid 8 weeks prior to arrival.
16. When there is a delivery. The customer need to pay 100% in advance.
17. Outstanding balance must be paid 1 week in advance of your arrival.
18. We accept last minute bookings subject to availability upon which the relevant % of your
booking shall be paid.
19. All cancellations must be communicated in writing via e-mail to

Refund policy – Bike Packages.

This refers specifically to our Tour Packages. 100% refund of amount paid if more than 2 weeks
before date of 1st tour. 50% refund of amount paid if more than 2 days but less than 2 weeks
before date of 1st tour. 0% of amount paid if less than 48 hours before date of 1st tour.

Refund policy – Bike Rental.

100% refund of amount paid within 24 hours of booking. 100% refund of amount paid if 8 weeks
or more before arrival. 50% refund of amount paid if more than 4 weeks, but less than 8 weeks
before arrival. If less than 4 weeks your refund will be subject to refund policy agreements we
have with various 3rd party accommodation providers. It is our policy to pass on refunds to our
clients where we have received refunds from our 3rd party providers.

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