Frequently asked questions

Frequently asked questions


How can I reserve a bike?

If you want to rent a bike, you can fill in the booking form on our website. Once you have done so, you will receive a standard confirmation e-mail.

What do I need to bring when I rent a bike?

Please bring your identity card or passport. We also ask for a deposit of 50€ (only for e-bikes and city bikes) in cash. This 50€ will be returned to you at the end of your rental period, after we have checked your bike. Finally, you also need a bank card to pay for the rental.

When does my rental period start and end?

The rental period starts at 9 a.m. and lasts until the shop closes. The rental period is therefore not 24 hours.

Is it possible to rent a helmet?

Yes, we have helmets available in different sizes. This is included and you do not have to pay extra for it.

Do I get an extra lock with my bike?

Yes, you get an extra lock for your bike. With the exception of racing bikes. This is included and you do not have to pay extra for it.

Are there panniers on my bike?

Yes, the ‘city’ and ‘E-bikes’ come with panniers. This is included and you do not have to pay extra for it.


What size bike do I need?

Size 50: 1.60 m -> 1.69 m
Size 53: 1.69 m -> 1.75 m
Size 55: 1.75 m -> 1.83 m
Size 58: 1.83 m -> 1.90 m
Size 61: 1.90 m -> 2.00 m

What is the difference between the road bikes?

Answer follows later

Which pedals can be put on the bike?

SPD, SPD SL, KEO look and flat pedals. This is included and you do not have to pay extra for it. If you have other pedals or pedals with a powermeter, you can bring them yourself and we will mount them on your bike.

Is it possible to rent cycling shoes?

Yes, this is possible. For 5 euros extra (per day) you can rent cycling shoes.

Are there bottle cages on my bike?

Yes, there are 2 bottle cages on the bike. You can also buy bottles in the shop for 2.50 euros (500ml) or 6 euros (750ml).

Do you also sell sports nutrition?

Yes, we sell isotonic drinks, energy and protein bars.

Is it possible to install my garmin holder on the bike?

No problem! If you take it with you, we will mount it on your bike.

Do you have .gpx routes available?

No, we do not have any .gpx routes available. Our ‘Bike Sensations’ team will be happy to tell you the most beautiful routes on the island personally.


What size bike do I need?

Size S/48: 1.60 m -> 1.70 m
Size M/53: 1.70 m -> 1.80 m
Size L/58: 1.80 m -> 1.90 m
Size XL/61: 1.90 m -> 2.00 m


What size bike do I need?

Size S: 1.60 m -> 1.70 m
Size M: 1.70 m -> 1.80 m
Size L: 1.80 m -> 1.90 m
Size XL: 1.90 m -> 2.00 m

Can I ride off-road with the city bikes?

No, the ‘city bikes’ are not intended for this purpose. If you want to ride off-road, you have to hire an MTB.


What size bike do I need?

Size S: 1.60 m -> 1.70 m
Size M: 1.70 m -> 1.80 m
Size L: 1.80 m -> 1.90 m
Size XL: 1.90 m -> 2.00 m


Do you ask for a deposit for the bikes?

For the E-bikes and City Bikes, we ask for a 50 euro deposit. You will get this back when you return the bike and have not cycled off road. The deposit can only be paid in cash.

Do you need anything else?

Yes, we also ask for a passport/driving licence number. A photo of this document is sufficient.


Do you also deliver the bikes to my hotel/apartment?

Yes, we will deliver the bikes for free if you spend more than 200 euros. You can indicate in the ‘note part’ where you are staying and we will contact you to let you know what time we will bring the bikes.

How does the payment work when a delivery is made?

You can pay for your bike when it is delivered. This must be done in cash as there is no cash machine available.

When will the bike be picked up?

When you deliver the bike, you make an appointment with the delivery man as to when you want to pick it up again.


Is the bike insured?

No, you are responsible and liable for any damage/theft of the bicycle.

Help on the road

Will you come and help me if I have problems with my bike on the road?

Yes, we offer help if you have problems with the bike along the way. The racing and MTB bikes have a saddle bag with an extra inner tube in case you have a flat tyre.

Cancel COVID-19

I have reserved bicycles but unfortunately cannot come due to COVID-19. Can I cancel my reservation free of charge?

Yes, we have a flexible policy and you can cancel free of charge if your trip cannot take place due to COVID-19.

My question is not included or I still have some unclear questions.

No worries, just send an email to and we will answer your question as soon as possible.