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The hirer acknowledges to have received the bike in the precious clause in a good state of repair, ready for its immediate use and without any apparent defects, and is obliged to return the to Bike Sensations in the same condition, at the place and time indicated in the present contract. Any delay in returning the bike on the date and time established in this agreement which can be attributed to the hirer, will give rise to the obligation by the hirer to pay Bike Sensations an indemnisation equivalent to the price of 30,00 Euros for each day or fraction of day of failure in returning the bike, counted as on the return date and time established in the following clause.
In order to assure the correct fulfillment of this contract and to cover any damages that could possibly be caused to the bikes, against the signing of this agreement, gives the renter the amount of 50,00 Euros. This will be returned by the renter upon the finalization of this contract, except in the event of breach of contract or if any damages were caused to the bike. Such deposit will be considered as a guarantee, Bike Sensations reserving the right to make any reclamation that may consider fit against the hirer as a result of the non fulfillment of his contract.
In the event of the theft, damage, or loss of the bike or accessories, the hirer will become obliged to pay upon demand, all resulting expenses and losses, or to cover the full substitution value of the bike.
The hirer is expressly authorized to deduct the deposit established in the Guarantee Clause of the present contract from the resulting amount of any damages caused.
In the event of a stolen bike being recovered in a good state of repair, the amount paid to Bike Sensations as indemnization will be refunded to the hirer, following due deduction of all the expenses for the recovery of the bike, as well as those related to its reconditioning and repair in order to permit its rental.
The price of this agreement, which has been entirely satisfied by the hirer and the renter against signing this contract.
If for any reason, not attributed to Bike Sensations, the hirer is unable to enjoy his right to use the bike during the term of this agreement, Bike Sensations will not be obliged to refund any amounts received from the hirer in in payment of this present contract.
The hirer is expected to take good care of the bike and return it on the established date and time in the same condition in which he received the same. It is expressly forbidden for the hirer to:
-Participate in any races, contests or competitions with the bike.
-Allow the use of the bike by other persons without the prior authorization of Bike Sensations.
-Ride on sand.
-Riding on a mountain bike without a helmet is only possible at your own risk. we accept no responsibility at all.
-Use the bike for any activities other than those that can be understood as the normal use of the same in accordance with the present contract.
In the event of the incorrect use of the bike objects of the present contract, Bike Sensations is authorized to keep the deposit received as a guarantee against the signing of this contract.
In so far as permitted by law, Bike Sensations does not accept any responsibility for damages or detriment suffered by the hirer or third parties through the use of the bike, or for any inconveniences arising from any delay in the delivery of the bike or breakdown of the same and the hirer hereby frees Bike Sensations, its employees and agents, regarding any loss, responsibility and expenses derived, directly or indirectly, from theft or loss of the bike and damages to the same.
In the event of any conditions here of resulting invalid or unenforceable, such conditions will not affect in any way the validity of the rest of this agreement. Any such conditions will be considered as validity substituted for another which produces the same or similar result.
For any disagreement that may arise as a consequence of the interpretation and/or fulfilment of this contract, both parties, renouncing any jurisdiction that could correspond to them, submit themselves in courts and tribunals of Arrecife, Lanzarote.
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Spaanse lock-down is uitgebreid met twee weken. Wij zijn genoodzaakt deze maatregel te handhaven en zullen dan ook geen reserveringen verwerken tot minimaal 25 april 2020.

Uiteraard kunt u nog steeds uw reserveringen maken voor de toekomst indien u een vakantie gepland heeft! Wij vragen geen aanbetaling.
Wordt uw vakantie alsnog geannuleerd, laat ons dat zo spoedig mogelijk weten!

Lock down

Spanish lock down has been extended by two weeks. We are obliged to maintain this measure and will therefore not process reservations until at least April 25, 2020.

Of course you can still make your reservations for the future if you have a holiday planned! We do not ask for a deposit.
If your holiday is still being canceled, let us know as soon as possible!