MTB Tour

MTB Tour

Meet Mick, our leading guide at Bueno Bike Lanzarote, our bike tour partner.

Mick leads the team of full-time professional cycling tour guides, all of whom live in Lanzarote year round.

These guys know the island like a sailor who knows the sea.

See Lanzarote through the eyes of riders who know more inches of lava than anyone on the island!

Every day on the bike is filled with local chatter, stories from historical importance and the occasional whispers of the world tour.

Even when Mick isn’t touring, he cycles and wins Race Across Germany 2018. 1,110 km under 39 hours!

His motto, Cycling = Happiness

MTB Tour

On Mondays, Wednesdays and Saturdays we organize the MTB tour, this tour is between 40 and 50 km.

During this tour you will visit different places of Lanzarote. Depending on the level of the participants and the degree of challenge. As a result, the routes will almost never be the same.

Have a wonderful day off-road.

Maximum 14 participants.
Price includes coffee and cake
Price does not include bicycle

How does it work?
Before for the tour you pay € 35 to the tour guide, in addition you must have a bicycle. You can rent this from us from € 25.

If you want more than once? Then you get a discount on both the tour and the bike!

Reservations can be made via our website.